Street Fighter - Dan

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Dan has a similar outfit to Ryu and Ken, wearing a traditional karate gi with a black undershirt much like SNK fighter Ryo Sakazaki's. His head and face closely resembles Robert Garcia from SNK's Art of Fighting, while his outfit is bright pink as a parallel to Ryo's usual orange.

His fighting stance is similar to Ken and Ryu's, due to originating as a palette-swap of those two; in later games, it is more "loose" and animated. As seen below, his appearance in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 is more distinct in that he's lighter on his feet and his arms are positioned differently. In the Street Fighter IV series he abandons the traditional shoto stance entirely, instead slowly performing exaggerated mawashi-uke motions before transitioning to a parody of the stance used by Ryo Sakazaki in The King of Fighters '97 onward (a low shiko-dachi with outstretched arms). Many of his mannerisms directly mirror those of Yuri Sakazaki.

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