Cyclops X-Men

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This is Cyclops before Giant Size X-Men #1. He’s still a lonely, shy teenager thrust into a very tense situation and responsibilities by the stern Xavier.

He’s a far cry from the current Cyclops. Strong physical training has begun to make “Slim” a decent athlete and combatant, however.

Cyclops’ beam is powered by solar radiations absorbed through his skin. At this point, he does not metabolize them very efficiently, and he sometimes find himself out of juice. However, he has already learned to perform sweep attacks, as well as super-fine beams for precision work.


Custom LEGO Minifigure - LEGO Original Parts, Machine Printed with High quality pad printing. (NO DECALS)

We create and design LEGO Minifigures that is not widely available, however we ensure our quality by using Original LEGO pieces as this creates durable, quality and simplistic looking Lego Minifigure pieces. It ensures all our products maintain the LEGO Minifigure look. This allows us to have consistency across all our LEGO Minifigures and allow our collectors to enjoy these toys as you would whenever you purchase from the LEGO stores or from any online retailer of LEGO Minifigures.

This is not a LEGO® Product. We re-used LEGO body parts that have been repackaged from their original form. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product. The LEGO Group is not liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of this product.