Punisher 2099

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Jake Gallows was a dedicated Weapons Specialist in the Public Eye police force in the year 2099 when street thugs, with a distaste for happy families, murdered his. When his family's killer, Kron Stone, got off in court by paying a fine, because his father was the head of Alchemax, Tyler Stone, Jake got fed up with a society that only protected citizens who paid their dues to the police, and where the rich “black carders” could simply buy their way out of justice. Taking up the challenge of the 20th Century’s Punisher, as written in the dead vigilante’s diary, Jake Gallows decided to continue his fight against all crime as the 2099’s Punisher.

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/universe/Punisher_2099_(Jake_Gallows)#ixzz4we2NVygn

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